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Sep 18, 2019

Monday Night Football has lost its prestige. Who or what is to blame? The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is officially DEAD. Notorious J-A-Y joins me to talk Big Ben, Eli, drug dealer/rappers snitching. More. Plus the ultimate "money shot."

Sep 17, 2019

Antonio Brown's long string of broken relationships and lawsuits. Ron Thomas on the deaths of Rick Ocasek and Eddie Money. Also, Tim Tebow's vigorous defense of college amatuerism. Bruce Allen, for once, losing off the field. 

Sep 16, 2019

Packers start quick, win ugly. Hello, 2-0. Kirk Cousins is terrible. There, I said it. Redskins rolled by Cowboys. The jersey exchange thing I'll just never understand. Andy Pollin on Dan Snyder frumpy's face. Gold toilet heist. More....

Sep 13, 2019

1. You Are Looking Live!
2. Mr. X and Locks of the Week
3. College Football Roundup
4. Paul Charchian -
5. NFL Roundup

Sep 12, 2019

Antonio Brown lands in more trouble in New England. What will the NFL do? Translating his "Baller-to-English" emails. Notorious J-A-Y says he "called it" on the Steelers and Mike Tomlin. USA loses in FIBA World Cup. Racial word police. FTG. Bad Titanic references.