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Jan 31, 2018

Tom Brady: "The Quarterback Who Would Play Forever" vs.
Nick Foles: "The Quarterback Who Almost Quit"
SB Stories: That Time Thurman Thomas Lost His Damn Helmet!

Guests: Bob Madden, Brian Nelson: "Bob and Brian" 102.9 The Hog
Humanzees & Other Badass Animal Team Names
Octopus Platter?
Super Bowl Party Prototypes
Why Not...

Jan 30, 2018

Super Bowl Stories: The Night(mare) Before
Tales of Stanley Wilson, Barrett Robbins, and Eugene Robinson

Notorious J-A-Y: Jay Cottrell, WBAL Baltimore
Radio Row Of Yesteryore
Explaining Kendrick Lamar
Explaining Lady Gaga
Reinventing Yourself
Hating Rap
Questions I'd Love To Ask at Media Day
Brady's Daughter...

Jan 29, 2018

Super Bowl Stories: Namath's Guarantee

Guest: Mr. X - Gambling Degentleman

How to Pick Prop Bets
Early Lean: Patriots -4 vs. Eagles
The "Error of Recency" Theory
The "Smell Test" Theory
Some Juicy SB LI Props
NBA's 1% Gambit

Kicker: "Fake News" comes in many forms...

Jan 26, 2018

Pro Bowl Pattycake
Vince’s XFL Re-Boot
What’s Success?
NFL Threat?
XP Rule Change Idea

GUEST: Andy Pollin, DC Sports Podcast
Qdoba Tryst?
The Fuller Brush Salesman Convention
Marv Levy and His Schmeckel
Send It In Jerome!
Mel Kiper Jr. Says He’ll Quit
Draft “Crapshoot”

Jan 25, 2018

Vince McMahon XFL2?
Post-9/11 SuperBowl
Madden’s Strategic Blunder
Understated Summerall
Saving Timeouts

Notorious J-A-Y: Jay Cottrell
“We” All Love Cee-Lo Green?
Steve Harvey Sucks
Philly’s Fictional Sports Hero
Steeler Fan Frustration
James Harrison
Dez Bryant Distraction?
Fringe NFL Players
AJ Francis