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Feb 28, 2018

Lamar Jackson Dilemma: QB or WR?
Ryan Clark Is Dead Wrong
The Short & Recent History of QB Position Switchers

Bob and Brian
"That time our Vegas cabbie told us about how he once gave a pep talk to a hooker!" ALSO: Crazy UBER driver with mom sitting in front seat.

Sean Miller: Dead Man (Not) Coaching


Feb 27, 2018

Ronnie Mervis/Team 980 Safari Re-Cap
Why I Will Never Get Over Missing My Shot!

Drew Olson: The Big 920 - Milwaukee, WI
- Kirk Cousins to Vikings?
- NCAA Scandals/Paying the Players
- Catch/No-Catch Rules Rewrite
- Heather Locklear Gets Her Crazy On
- Fuck That Guy!

One Last Thing: Heroes Don't Exist Without Cowards

Feb 16, 2018 Report on CBB Bomb
A Pro College/True College Split?

Andy Pollin - Andy's DC Podcast
Andy’s Basement
Chinese Food and Diet Coke
Old Tube TV’s
Kids Not Watching TV
Bullpen Cars
Kirk and Tag
Alex Smith Checkdown Charlie?
Juice Worth Squeezing?
Liver Transplants
Lonzo Ball Family Drama
Hank Dietl’s Bar

Feb 15, 2018

The Spring League
The Line Between Funny/Fired

Guest: Notorious J-A-Y
- LeBron and "The Expendables"
- High School NBA Drama
- Steve Kerr Flips the Keys
- Trey Young
- Scouting Women
- SI Swimsuit Issue
- Ashley Graham
- Czabe's World Top-5
- Baseball Spring Training
- Black Panther Movie

KICKER: Bill Belichick On...

Feb 14, 2018

Shawn White Gold Medal Performance
The Obsession With #metoo
Mike Valenti Follow Up on MSU/OTL Piece

Drew Olsen: The Big 920 - Milwaukee, WI
Bubble Gum Trucks Head West
Mascots and Shin Guards
Dippin' Tobacco
TV News Crew Cliche Shots
Scary Mexican Drug Cartels
Borges v. Schefter
"If Your Mom Loves You... get a 2nd...