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Jun 29, 2018

Jameis Winston's incredulously lawyer-speak Uber-apology. The "Ace Rothstein Rule" as applied to Winston. The Redskins season ticket "waiting" list is finally dead. Long live the waiting list! What should an NFL stadium look like, and have as amenities? Drone on drone on drone warfare. SPECIAL GUEST: Andy Pollin, Andy's...

Jun 28, 2018

GOAT Ranch 101. All the GOATS, all the time. Tim Tebow keeps hacking away in the minors. And he doesn't totally suck. Should the Mets just bring him up? Depressing Redskins rushing STAT of THE DAY from 2018. Adam Silver's new deal. Jayson Werth hangs 'em up. You can't even post pretty pictures of girls who like sports...

Jun 27, 2018

NFL Top 100 List. What would expansion draft look like? Why LeBron is afraid of going to LA. Yes, afraid. California privacy bill has Google spooked. 10 Day Penis. Uganda. Seinfeld. Horse faces. And more... SPECIAL GUEST: Mr. X, Gambling Expert.

Jun 26, 2018

James Harden, your NBA MVP? Oh... really? Have him. I'll take LeBron. Adventures in VAR. Solly. The NFL heads into the season, with several depressing storylines. Radio Hall of Fame. Scroll down for good news? Man to auction a 70,000 golf ball collection over 80 years. Saudi women burn rubber.


Jun 25, 2018

An below ground, backyard pool: the American dream! The Jameis Winston story just got worse. And it could get even worser. An act of simple human kindness in the skies, rather than depravity. How uplifting! SPECIAL GUEST: Drew Olson, The Big 920 AM Milwaukee, WI.