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Dec 31, 2019

Bruce Allen Finally OUT!
Power of the Hashtag
Andy Pollin
Ron Rivera Hire?
Owner/QB Dynamic
Niners/Seahawks Dramatic Ending
Drew Lock Rapper
Gardner Minshew Idiot
Jameis Winston Baller
Papa John Traitor

Dec 30, 2019

LSU Clobbers Oklahoma
Coaching Through Grief
VVS Frustration
Ohio State Blows It
Replay, Rules and Refs
Title Game Long Wait
Packers Escape Detroit
Rodgers Looking Meh
Flip Scores
Redskins Debacle Over
Black Monday Cometh
Bruce Allen's Future
NFL 100 Snubs
Jameis Mr. 30/30
Idiot Gambling
Kevin Harlan Calls Two Games

Dec 27, 2019

A gloriously MONSTER edition to close Week 17 of the NFL Regular Season! Can you say "Football SIX WAYS Friday!"

1. You Are Looking Live
2. Mr. X
3. Charch
4. Tim Murray
5. Andy Pollin
6. Notorious J-A-Y

Dec 20, 2019

1. You Are Looking Live!
2. Mr. X and "System Plays vs. Opinions"
3. Paul Charchian -
4. Warren Sharp -
5. Brandon Walker - Barstool College Football

Dec 19, 2019

1 - Gerritt Cole Signed
2 - And Brings His Old Sign
3 - Tom Coughlin Whacked
4 - No Thanks In DC
5 - Ron Thomas
      a. Prez Cup Recap
      b. Tiger 3.0
      c. Patrick Reed
      d. E-Tickets for Sports
      e. Hoops At Hickory
6 - Snakes on A X-Mas...